Decluttering your life from “things”

We live in a world where we want more and more. We need to have the latest cellphone, or be up to date with the latest trends. That’s absolutely fine, we need to enjoy our lives. However, sometimes our lives revolve around this too much. I know I have found myself seeking things that I thought would make me happy, but at the end they didn’t because it wasn’t what I needed.

Lately I’ve been trying to declutter my life. I’ve gotten rid of things that I don’t need. Things that I have too much of. For example; I found pieces of clothing in my closet that I’ve had for years and I even found some with tags on them. I realized that sometimes we hold on to things for too long. But when it comes to decluttering, it doesn’t necessarily have to be “things”.



We have to learn to let go of feelings and habits. Sometimes even of people. I’ve been working on a few “habits” that I needed to get rid of. The five things that I am going to list are things I needed to declutter from my life. I am still woking on them. Just remember that not everything on the list makes sense to everyone. You can try and make your own list of “things” you need to let go.

  1. Deadlines

I’ve set so many deadlines that I haven’t met. The reason why is because I have set deadlines on things that I don’t have control over. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we do need those deadlines to achieve our goals, just do it in a way you can win. Another thing that fits into this category is lists. I make check lists all the time and when I don’t complete it, I feel like I have failed and the day was wasted.

2.  Perfection

I will never be perfect. There was a time when I wanted everything in my life to be perfect and going exactly in the right direction, but that’s not possible. Being perfect isn’t real.

  3. Waiting on Happiness

Stop waiting, just be happy. Stop waiting on a new career, new month, new year, or a new boyfriend to make you happy. Make a decision to start being happy today.

  4. Taking Time

It’s hard not to be busy. I used to only be busy until I read a great book called “The One Thing”. In this book the author mentions that it’s not about being busy, it’s about prioritizing. You will always have time for the people and things you care about. Not being busy is something that I still struggle with but I have learned to prioritize and make myself available.

 5. Letting go of people

This is one is one that’s very hard for me. I don’t like to let go of people, but sometimes they don’t want to part of your life and it just doesn’t work out. I had to learn the hard way that I can’t be friends with everyone. I learned that some people are great people but not great for my life. I also learned that sometimes people will let go of me, and that’s totally fine too.

I encourage you to try to declutter your life from deadlines, perfection, unhappiness, busyness, and people. It won’t be easy, and you have to learn how to do it in a way that it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

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