We all know the history of why we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a day we give thanks for everything, we spend time with family, some travel, but mostly we all seem to enjoy it. To some it’s a time for a vacation and some don’t care and want to work that day. But why stop there? Why should we only give thanks one day out of the year? Why should we only give thanks for the things that make us happy?

Why can’t we be thankful for all those moments when we weren’t at our best? Well, today as Thanksgiving is approaching, I just want to say thanks for all those things that didn’t make me happy, but make me who I am today.

I am extremely thankful for the friends that I have. For every single person that sticks by my side. I am also thankful for the friends that are now strangers. I am thankful that they were part of my life at some point. I am thankful because even though we’re not friends now, we were and at that moment it meant everything to me.

I am thankful for those first dates that never made it to a second date. Why? Because I learned that it wasn’t my fault or the other persons fault that it didn’t work out, it just wasn’t our time. It just wasn’t meant to be and I am very thankful we realized it before we invested time and effort into something that was broken from the start.

I am thankful for all those missed opportunities, because I learned what I was afraid of and that helped me create a way to face my fears. I am thankful for all those mistakes I have made because I have been able to grow from them.

And it’s easier said than done at the moment. It’s hard to be thankful for those hardships. All we want to be is angry when we find out a loved one has cancer, or when God takes that person from us. We want to cry and give up, but the thing is that we need to learn to trust Gods actions. We need to be thankful for every season and every obstacle because those are the battles we are fighting to win it all at the end.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I am completely guilty of complaining and thinking the world is going to end when something doesn’t go my way. It’s difficult to feel thankful in life when something so important isn’t going the way it should be.

But this time around, I am going to try to focus and be thankful for even those sleepless nights when all I do is lay on my bed and think of all those things that could have been that will no longer be.

I am going to be thankful because those are the moments when I am weak and God shows me how strong he is. That even though my world may seem like it’s crumbling, he is holding every piece of it and waiting for me to recover to help me put it back together.

Because he is the one we should always be thankful for, he is the one that can make all things possible, he is the one who can change the toughest situations into the most incredible miracles.

And the moment that we forget who he is and how strong and capable he is, thats the moment we lose ourselves.

I don’t ever want to forget that he is capable of moving mountains for me, that he loves me so much that he died for me, So that I could be forgiven every time. Therefore, I am thankful for every hardship and every blessing. Because everything that happens in your life is for a reason!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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