A Dreamers Dream Pt1


Who is a Dreamer?

Well google defines it as ” individuals in the U.S. who were brought to the country at an early age without documentation but have assimilated to U.S. culture and have been educated by U.S. school systems.”

And yes that’s a valid definition, but there’s more to it.

DACA is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program– It defers deportation for two years for qualified individuals who were brought to the U.S. when they were children.

There are roughly 1.8 million immigrants in the United States. As of right now about 798,980 people have been approved for DACA. But obtaining DACA is not an easy process

I was brought to the U.S. when I was only three. I was very blessed to have been able to get my legal status very soon after I got here, and now I am able to say I am a U.S. citizen. I am lucky enough to have that piece of paper that says I “belong” here, but what about those DREAMer’s who don’t have that piece of paper

What are their fears? What does it mean for them to be a Dreamer?

I wanted to write this because I think that a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like to wake up not knowing what will happen. I wanted to write something REAL, something that is actually happening, something that  people have to go through every day. And what better way than to get actual answers and stories from DREAMERS!!!!

I want people to see a different perspective. I want to be able to share the stories of some wonderful people who live this every single day. They are extraordinary, intelligent, hardworking men and women who belong in the U.S. And their stories should be known!!

We all came here to better ourselves, to get an education, to live a free life, but is it really Freedom? Let’s see what these Dreamers have to say about it.


I asked a very talented and intelligent  Dreamer some questions and her thoughts about this. And while I was reading through her answers, I couldn’t help but tear up. This is just one person, there so many other young people who live with fear.

Imagine waking up and not being sure what could happen with your life, with everything and everyone you know just taken away from you.

This young girl allowed me to use her name. So please meet, Alejandra. I have known Alejandra since she was just a little girl. We met her family at our church and It’s an honor for me to be able to share her story.

Alejandra is just 20 years old, she has been in the U.S. for 18 years. That’s her whole life. She is from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Alejandra graduated from Rio Rancho High School in 2016 and  is currently a student at the University of New Mexico. She is a junior, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and in the pre-med program. She will graduate in 2020 and is planning on applying to medical school.  Not only does she go to school full-time, but she also volunteers at a local hospital.


Five months ago her goals were to graduate from undergrad and continue on to Medical school. Even though that is still part of it (still can’t decide whether she wants to do OBGYN or family practice), she now has added the goal to continue to be a voice for her community by fighting for a clean DREAM ACT.

Her fears are having to say Goodbye to her family. Having to say goodbye to New Mexico because of deportation. “My parents broke their backs for what they have and to help me go to college. I’m scared that all that will go down the drain in a second. Although my roots are in Mexico, this is the only place I have known, THIS IS HOME.”


Alejandra wants to be able to focus on reaching her goals in education and career. She wants this for ALL Dreamers. She wants permanent protection from deportation. Along with other Dreamers, she wants to be able to give back to the community. “We aren’t asking for special treatment. We are asking for the same opportunity to dream and work towards reaching those dreams like so many generations did before us.”

  • In your own words, who is a Dreamer? “They are the ones who have established their life and family here in the U.S. or are starting to establish their life. Meaning Dreamers are our neighbors, educators, coworkers, contractors and students. But they are mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. They are not statistics but a life who has risked it all to come to a foreign place to better their life or the life of their children. Our parents are the original Dreamers.”  
  • What does it mean to be a Dreamer?“Being a Dreamer (under Trump administration) means living in FEAR, not just for us individuals but for our families. Being a Dreamer means living in limbo, “should we continue our path to accomplish our goals or should we hold off until we have the protection against deportation.” To be a Dreamer means to be a fighter, for your future, for your family, and for your dreams.”
  • If you could sit and have a conversation with the people who are against the Dream Act, what would you tell them? Why?“I would explain to them, First, We are not criminals, we have to keep a clean record to qualify for Daca and the Dream Act. Second, We don’t get help from the government and we don’t go around using tax payer money. Third, We are going to school or working, some of us are even joining the military. We aren’t just staying home or getting into trouble. Fourth, just let them know my story. I think it is so easy for people to get caught up on the statistics we hear on the news and forget that we are all here for a reason, to better our life and some of us because we are fleeing violence in our country. We aren’t as horrible as the Trump administration and the news makes us out to be.”

Alejandra would like a Dream Act for the million immigrant youth in the U.S. She wants to be able to have peace, while going to school or work. “Also a chance to help our parents, the original Dreamers.” Just like so many other Dreamers, Alejandra lives in fear. She has questioned whether to continue her life the way it is because she doesn’t have a life in the U.S. guaranteed. She has to go to school in fear that she might not go back home and see her parents.

She calls this her home. Because it is. Because this is where she belongs. Because this is her life!

I admire Alejandra for her dedication. She not only fights for her rights, but for the rights of so many people. She isn’t afraid to stand for what she believes. And despite everything that is against her, she moves forward and keeps creating goals for her life. She keeps building stairs that will one day take her to the top. I believe in her and every other Dreamer.

I believe in a God of possibilities, and if we all stand together, this will be the Victory!

“I know our community has done so much by supporting us and our families. It is a tough time but we started this fight together and we will finish together, except we will come out of this in victory. I wouldn’t change anything because some of us need to hear this from someone who has gone through it and God has allowed me to go through all the ups and downs so I can stand here as a witness of my own testimony. This is only the Beginning, keep fighting but when you feel weak don’t be afraid to ask for help.” -Alejandra

Thank you, Alejandra! Thanks for your answers, your story and your support. Thank you for standing side by side with everyone who believes in this.

This will include several parts where I will be sharing the story of different Dreamers. If you read this, and would like to share your story, please comment below and I will reach out to you! I am already working on the next one and I just want to say that this means a lot to me. It was placed in my heart a long time ago, and I have been working on it for a while. I want to make it as real as possible and with as much love and truthfulness as I can give.

Below are LINKS about immigration and DACA: ⇓

USCIS.gov/ DACA Guidelines

Blog with Immigration Facts


Disclosure: I did most of the research online, and I don’t guarantee that all numbers are correct.

3 responses to “A Dreamers Dream Pt1”

  1. Daisy,
    Te felicito.
    Excelente lo que compartes sobre la realidad de los “Dreamers”.
    Por favor si hablas con Alejandra felicítala de mi parte y sé que lograrán sus sueños.
    Sawabona 🐺


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