A Dreamers Dream Pt 2

I just recently started writing about dreamers. I understood what they were going through and kind of knew what everything was about. But I wanted to go in a little more deep into it. I wanted to get answers and thoughts from Dreamers. After all, they are the ones who go through all of this and who have to live through it day after day.

In my last blog I talked about Alejandra. A Dreamers Dream Pt1 who is a college student and shared her story with me. I then created a post about her and shared her story with all of you.

This time I have another unique story about a young man, who came to the US as a child and who only knows this to be his home. Just like other dreamers, he wants to be able to live freely.

I have known this young man for many years. Seeing him grow up and become a servant at our church. He has amazing talents and he isn’t afraid to show them to the world. I not only get to see this from far but I get the opportunity to get to know a little more of him outside of church. He is always trying new things and is definitely not afraid to take risks. In my opinion, he is an entrepreneur and is never scared to fail.

This is true for all Dreamers, they take risks and are not afraid to go the extra mile to achieve their goals. They go day by day building staircase after staircase that will bring them to the top, they do it with all their heart and fight the biggest fight anyone can fight.

If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it. -Elon Musk

Please meet Tony. A twenty year old young man who was brought to this country at the age of two from Saltillo, Coahuila. Tony graduated from Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in 2016, and currently attends Central New Mexico Community College. His goal is to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and graduate by 2021. He currently works at Eat Streets Food Delivery and DirecTV Sales.

He strives to graduate from college, work in Tech, start a business and contribute to the community and the country in the most positive way possible.

Tony believes that being a Dreamer is “someone who has grown up their whole life in the United States. Most don’t remember the country they were born in because they were brought here at a very young age.”

  • What does it mean to be a Dreamer?

“Being a Dreamer is believing in your dreams even when you have all the odds stacked against you. Being undocumented is not easy and makes it harder to do things such as paying tuition, getting health insurance and many other things. For example, many scholarships for college are unavailable to undocumented students even if you have DACA, including FAFSA which makes paying for school a lot harder. A dreamer understands this and knows they will have to work even harder to achieve their dreams, but that is one of the best forms of encouragement and motivation to succeed.”

  • What are you hopes and dreams for ALL DREAMERS?

“My hope id that dreamers take every opportunity they could find to get an education, get into STEM/Healthcare jobs, start businesses and do their best for themselves and to show everyone why we should be given legalization for the good of the country.”

  • If you could sit and have a conversation with the people who are against the Dream Act, what would you tell them? WHY?

“I would tell them that the positives outweigh the negatives, for us staying in the country. Dreamers are not criminals, we pay taxes, and we contribute billions to the US economy. We are hardworking, intelligent and American grown individuals that want the best for this country. We want to stay here because this is the only place we know.”

  • What are the changes you would like to see in the future regarding this issue?

“A clean Dream Act that works as a permanent solution, and pathway to citizenship. Also, including protection for parent of Dreamers. We have always been used as a pawn by the democrats and the republicans for them politically. Democrats always run on the promise to pass legalization while republicans use us as a bargaining chip for border walls, and more deportations.”

Just for a minute, imagine waking up and living the life that Dreamer’s have to live. They live in fear of being separated from their families, in fear of seeing everything that they have worked for just taken away from them. Your whole life being stripped away from you and leaving you alone and with nothing.

It’s not an easy thought, but I believe that there will come a day when they will get to live a free life. A life that they came in search for, that WE ALL WANT, will be given to them.

After years of limbo, and fear of deportation, I do not have much faith in the government to solve this problem soon, but I do have faith in God and his plan for me is much greater than this situation. There’s always a plan for everything and I pray that he works in the hearts of every person who is against Dreamers, and that they forget about the politics of left and right in this issue, and see the humanity of it.

Thank You Tony for sharing this alongside with other Dreamers. 

This will include several parts where I will be sharing the story of different Dreamers. If you read this, and would like to share your story, please comment below and I will reach out to you! I am already working on the next one and I just want to say that this means a lot to me. It was placed in my heart a long time ago, and I have been working on it for a while. I want to make it as real as possible and with as much love and truthfulness as I can give.

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