Loneliness approaches us even when we are filled with friendships and relationships. It can cause pain that we can’t identify and don’t know where it’s coming from because in reality, physically we are not alone; it’s just our inner self that’s alone, it’s our spirit that is missing something. Even when you’re surrounded by people, you can feel alone.

Sometimes we try to find happiness and wholeness in things that don’t last. We depend on relationships, on people, on work, on busyness, drugs, alcohol, tv, social media, books, anything  to keep us satisfied. Yes, those things fill up our emotional need temporary, but when it runs out we are right where we started.

There are many factors that cause loneliness within our hearts; The lack of connection with someone, social, mental, emotional, shame, sin. We isolate ourselves far away from the light to cover up the pain. We are afraid to let others know that we feel lonely because we fear that they will not understand. We create a boundary between what we are feeling and what is actually true.

But Jesus understands our loneliness. He lived it himself. If we look back at Jesus’ life on earth, he never committed sin. But just like you and me, he lived in this world full of sin, hate and rejection. He went through it all. He not only understands our loneliness; he destroyed it. He went before all of us and poured out his blood for us.

When loneliness attacks our lives, we pray but sometimes it Feels like we’re so far away from God that he can’t hear us. Sometimes words can’t explain what our heart is feeling, but it’s okay because [HE] understands our tears. He understands the pain, and listens as you just cry out to him.

It’s hard to silence that voice that tells you you’re alone. It’s so loud inside our  head that it doesn’t allow us to hear the voice of God. We feel like we are crying out so hard to God and he remains silent. We pray, and have no answers. But his voice is there, his pure and loving touch is there. We just have to fight through the pain, because he is fighting against it with you. We just have to be consistent with our fight.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. -Deuteronomy 34:6

When I read this verse, I like to replace the word “them” with whatever I am feeling. Giving that verse life to what I am experiencing at the moment. Helping me realize that no matter what my path looks like right now “the Lord My God goes with me.”

There are times when I have to push through layers of pain, to be able to hear him say that I am not Alone…

Simply Daisy

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