A Dreamer’s Dream Pt. 3

Life is full of challenges. We face them everyday. Whether they are small and sometimes insignificant, or huge and life changing; they are there.

But what I have noticed and really inspired me to start these blog posts that give a little insight to the lives of Dreamer’s was their strong will to pursue their dreams. Not only to pursue them, but to accomplish them. To leave fear behind and  push beyond their limits to get where they know they should be. Despite all that is against them, despite all the hate, despite all the lies, they believe and they fight.

In my previous posts, I talked about two young Dreamers. In  A Dreamers Dream Pt1  I talk about Alejandra and her life as a Dreamer. As a young eighteen year old she has already faced many struggles, but none of those struggles have stopped her from pursuing her destiny.

In  A Dreamers Dream Pt 2   I talk about Tony. A young twenty year old, full of ideas and a mind of an entrepreneur. He lives his life to the fullest and just like all Dreamer’s wishes to live a “free” life.

Dreamer’s are young people who were brought to the US as young children. They are Americans in every possible way, but in paper. They have lived in the United States their whole life and have contributed to this country the way any US Citizen has.

Dreamer’s have Dreams and Dreamer’s have accomplished dreams. Here is the story of a wonderful friend who is only 27 years old and has accomplished goal after goal.

I met Rebeca Gurrola what seems like 100 years ago. I met her at church and have seen her grow into a talented leader.

Rebeca has been in the United States since she was three years old, born in Juarez, Ch. She attended Rio Grande High School (Albuquerque, NM), and immediately after graduating in 2009 became a student at University of New Mexico. She graduated with her BA in Psych and Spanish. She didn’t stop there. She continued her education and graduated with a MA in Counseling.

She is currently a counselor and a leader at church. Not only that, but she has considered returning to school to obtain a PhD. She has goals to cultivate a bright future.

Just like any other Dreamer, Rebeca has fears but believes that they shouldn’t be the main factor of her life. She doesn’t let fear define her decisions or stop her from pursuing and reaching her goals.


  • In your own words, who is a Dreamer? 

“A dreamer is a person who strives to work hard and takes advantage of every opportunity that they’ve been given as result of the sacrifice of everyone who came before them, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. A Dreamer does not do all this for self-gain, but for the benefit of others.”

  • If you could sit and have a conversation with the people against the Dream Act, what would you tell them? 

“I would like it to be something like The Voice blind auditions.. They think they can put us all in one category, but they’re wrong. I understand that there are laws and there are processes that should be followed; many of them don’t. I often hear people say, “if they’ve been here so long why haven’t they already applied for citizenship?” I don’t think they realize that it isn’t that simple. If that were the case, wouldn’t need them to support us, we could do it on our own. I would want them to put aside all biases and just see us as humans, the way I have learned to do with my clients. I would want to be given a chance to show that their views of us are wrong in most cases.”

  • What are the changes you like to see in the future regarding this issue? 

“I would like for there to be a “Clean Act”; Something in place that would allow us to work towards residency and eventually citizenship. We don’t want a handout, we’ll work hard to get it, we just need it to actually be a possibility. I also hope for laws that make more sense for all immigrants, not only Dreamers.”

Rebeca 2

“My hopes and dreams for all Dreamers is that they won’t let fear paralyze them, for them to fight harder to prove that we’re worth continuing to invest in. It’s for them to not take opportunities for granted.”

The fight is not easy, it’s not painless but it’s reachable. When one nation unites, there cant be anything or anyone that can separate it. If all Dreamer’s continue to fight and become one, there will be nothing that can stop them.


Simply Daisy

Thank you Rebeca for sharing your story with me, with us!

This will include several parts where I will be sharing the story of different Dreamers. If you read this, and would like to share your story, please comment below and I will reach out to you! I am already working on the next one and I just want to say that this means a lot to me. It was placed in my heart a long time ago, and I have been working on it for a while. I want to make it as real as possible and with as much love and truthfulness as I can give.


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