Holiday Room Décor

I like to change up the décor in my bedroom according to the season. Normally, I just have a white bed spread because it will match with pretty much anything. My walls are very simple with a gray color and white. I try to keep all my wall décor white, black and some gold in some areas.

In this blog post, I will show you how you can add some color and some holiday spirit not going over your budget. I am all about saving. Most of the things that I used for this décor are from Target or Hobbylobby.

I started off my adding this cute through pillow. My other pillows are just white and gray to match the rest of my room.

For my head board, I added some lights that I got from Amazon. Then from Target, I got this cute hanger that says “Be Merry.” for only $3.

For the side tables, I added this Christmas trees that I got from Target for $1 each, my favorite candle  from Bath and Body Works, and super cute elf I made.

Everything that I used to decorate my room was less than $30. I will be comfy and feel the holiday spirit. My room is where I like to sit and read, do some work and just relax and I like to make sure that It feels and looks great.

Love always,


If you don’t have a white bed spread, It’s okay. You’ll just have to add some more red and glitter to add some holiday spirit in. If you have the budget to add a white bed spread, I have linked some beautiful inexpensive ones. I usually try to shop at Tjmaxx  or  Marshalls because they always have the best deals.

Walmart 3-piece $49.99

Amazon $39.99

20 responses to “Holiday Room Décor”

  1. I’ve already hit the Target holiday section HARD. Looks like I’m going to have to check out Hobby Lobby next!


  2. How flipping adorable is this. With my kiddos I tend to decorate their room with the “left over decor” and I usually do it when they are at school so it such a cute surprise for them to see. Love love the room! And the dream catcher is AMAZING!

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