Christmas gift ideas…

The Holiday season can be a stressful time. There is so much to do from decorating your home, cooking and getting the perfect gift for your loved ones. There are times when we forget the true meaning of Christmas because of all that needs to be done. I decided to do a list of easy but great gifts you can get this Christmas season.

Most of my Christmas shopping I do it online, but this year I found a lot of great stuff at Costco. I really hope that you find this list useful and can find the things that I will link down below.

I found this great Hydroflask for only $19.99 at Costco. We all know that they are way more than that. It will make a great gift and they will be able to get a lot of use from it.


I also found this amazing Creative Planner that is regularly $19.99 and it was on sale for only $11.99. You can get this for someone who is really organized and creative. It comes with cute stickers, decorative tape, three gel pens, and page separators. There’s no way anyone wouldn’t be excited to get this amazing planner.


If you’re looking for something for your mom, aunt or just a lovely woman in your life; I found these Slippers that are $19.99. They come in different colors and I what I loved about them, it’s that they have the soles that you can use outside. 

These next two items are great for children (and even adults). I have noticed that a lot of the kids now love to make slime. I found this kit at Costco that already has the slime made but has all sorts of cute decorative things you can add to it. It has glitter, beads and 16 different slime colors. This kit was $12.99. I think that It would be a great gift to entertain kids without them making the mess of creating the slime because it’s already made for them. 

Besides slime, I found this package of 100 gel pens. These can work as a gift for both kids and adults. It was only $19.99. 

I know it gets a little stressful to get your mom or grandma something meaningful and valuable. I have found that these bracelets from Pandora.

The great thing about these bracelets is that you can add charms

You can add charms not only for Christmas but you can add a charm for all other occasions. 

I always find it very hard to find anything for men. You can always get them a cologne but what if you already did that. Well, Target has the best clothes. You can always go with a blazer, something easier than trying to figure out their size, unless you already know it. 

Ulta has a variety of great options as well. You can find great perfume packages that come with a body wash, lotion and the perfume for the price of one. You can find small stocking stuffers. 

I try my best not to spend too much but make sure that I get my family and friends the stuff that they want and need. The things that they will actually use and not just store somewhere after the holidays are over. 

I really hope that this can help you out a little. Sometimes people don’t think about going to Costco to get Christmas gifts but they have a variety of options, all the way from clothes to home decor. You can find anything there. If you don’t like to leave your house, you can just do online shopping at some of the stores I mentioned above. 

Love Always, 


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