How to keep your Hair looking Fresh without washing it….

If you’re anything like me, you hate washing your hair. I know it sounds gross but I will show you the products and tricks that I use to make sure my hair stays looking and smelling fresh for days.

Day one: I like to start off by washing my hair with either the Not Your Mothers Shampoo or Aveda Cherry Almond. They both feel so clean and smell amazing.


Before I brush through my hair, I make sure to apply the products. I like to use the NOT YOUR MOTHERS Frizz control Hair cream. This is what is going to help maintain your hair smooth for three days.

I make sure to use heat protectant all the time. I apply two different ones just on day one because I will be blow drying my hair and I will be straightening. I apply the Blow dry accelerator and trust me, it does make a difference. I also use the Not Your Mothers Heat Protectant.

On day one, I like to straighten my hair. It gives me more opportunity to be able to do some curls the next day as opposed to doing curls and not being able to straighten it next. It allows me to have more hairstyles without having to wash my hair.

I have two different straighteners. I have the CHI one which I’ve had for years. I also have the NUME. They are both amazing and I don’t have to go over each section multiple times. They both give a smooth finish immediately.

Trick: Make sure to apply dry shampoo to your roots before you go to bed every night. This is what will help your hair stay fresh.

Day two: Start off by brushing out any tangles and smoothing out your hair. Add dry shampoo again. I like to use the dry shampoo from NOT YOUR MOTHERS (shocker). Make sure to apply some heat protectant as well. Day two will require some heat as well.

On day two I like to add some curls and volume to my hair.

Note: You can keep your hair straight because of the smoothing cream, your hair will be super smooth on day two as well.

I use my NUME wand or just a regular curling iron. I curl all my hair in big sections and tease a tiny bit at the roots.

I set the curls with a hairspray. I use the Aveda medium hold. It doesn’t make my hair hard and it allows it to still have movement.

Finally on Day three: I usually just throw my hair up in a high Pony tail or low bun. Depending on the OOTD. I make sure to add dry shampoo and some heat protectant for the fresh smell.

Remember: You need to find products that will work with your hair type. If you already have straight hair, then I wouldn’t recommend the smoothing cream, because that will just flatten out your hair and you will not have any volume in there.

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