Get off the wishing train…

“I wish I was thinner”

“I wish I had her skin”

“I wish I had that job”

“I wish I had a boyfriend”

“I wish I had more money”

“I wish I could be like her”

Have you heard these Phrases before? Have you said any of them before?

A while back, I found myself starting a lot of my sentences with “I wish…” It felt heavy on my heart every time I would wish for something I didn’t have or wasn’t doing. It started to drain me, and significantly reduced my confidence.

It’s so easy to hop onto the wishing train, as I like to call it and forget all the blessings and talents that you have. I get it! I constantly see the beautiful bloggers on Instagram with what seems the perfect life and it’s very easy to fall into the idea that your life is at the verge of falling apart.

But if you think about it, no one is going to post their struggles. No one is going to post a picture of the times they cry themselves to sleep because they don’t feel happy, no one is going to post a picture of the fights they have with their significant others.

So how can we stop ourselves from running after a wish and shift our direction to a healthy mindset? Well, I will share some of the things that I did and do to shift my life in a more positive way.

1.Learn to love who you are…

The very first thing that you have to do is to learn to love who you are. You have to accept who you are right now, in order to be able to make the change to who you “wish” you could be. If you don’t love yourself now, when you get to the person you want to be, you won’t love yourself then either. You’ll always be chasing after that wish because you’ve never learned to love yourself.

2.Don’t assume change will be easy and fast…

Change doesn’t happen over night. You’re not going to go to sleep and wake up with a career, new home, new body and the perfect life. First of all, there’s no perfect life. Second, getting to where you want to be, will take time. It will take dedication, sacrifice and possibly some tears (maybe a lot of tears). But the whole point is to understand that you will get there. Change will come if you are consistent and really push to be where you want to be.

3.Enjoy the process…

Since change won’t happen right away, you need to learn to enjoy your life as you get there. Enjoy seeing your body transform, or how your career starts to bloom. Whatever it is, just enjoy and grasp onto every piece of knowledge you find along the way.

4. Don’t do it alone…

It’s so easy to try to be a super human, but sometimes you have to relinquish control and allow others to contribute to your growth. Surround yourself with others who want to see you succeed and who give you the advise you need to receive and not just what you want to hear. Grow side by side with those people and help each other achieve goals.

5.Don’t seek the approval of others…

Not everyone is going to want to see you succeed. Not everyone is going to want to see you be the person you’re working hard to become. Therefore, you don’t need the approval of others to be yourself. Don’t seek for people to constantly give you praise. Like on #4, just focus on growing with the people who want to see you grow and outgrow those who don’t.

I challenge you to start today, by just loving something about yourself. Take it day by day, and you will see how much your life starts to transform and how much you stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll start to see how valuable you are!!!!

One response to “Get off the wishing train…”

  1. This post is absolutely amazing!! I love all you are sharing and you are spot on. The quote you shared, “You inspire people who pretend to not even see you. Trust me.” Really stands out — it’s so true! We sometimes do not know who we are helping & who genuinely values all we stand for! Love that. Keep up the amazing work, chica.
    xx, Morgs*


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