Top 3 products that you should be using this Spring

Once I find something that I like, I don’t like to be switching it around. Therefore, when I find the products that work for me, I stick with them forever.

I am going to share the top three products that work the best for me. First let me tell you a little bit about my skin. I have very sensitive skin, I barely look at it and I break out. Second, I have super oily skin. Third, I’ve been using these products for over a year and I absolutely love them.


Lets start with a moisturizer. I used to avoid moisturizer because I thought that my skin didn’t need it because it was oily and it was only going to make me break out more. After an extensive research, it turns out that oily skin actually needs a lot of moisturizing because it’s producing that oil because it’s actually dry. (what????).

I wanted something soft and that didn’t feel too heavy. After trying a few moisturizers, I stumbled across the First Aid Ultra Repair Cream.

I use it day and night and it just keeps my skin super smooth and it goes great under makeup.


The most important product should be a sunscreen. For years I went without sunscreen. Until about a year ago, I decided to start using it. Honestly, it has improved my skin so much. I see a great difference. First of all, it’s preventing new scars and sun spots. Second, it helps with acne. Third, it help prevent skin aging.

I use the Neutrogena Sunscreen. It is very lightweight and once again, it’s perfect for under your foundation.


My favorite Primer is the L’Oreal Matte finish. It is seriously the best. Like I mentioned before, I have very oily skin and this helps my makeup stay matte and on all day.

Bonus Product

This is my ALL time favorite cream. I use it all year long and I have been for longer than a year now. It has the perfect fresh scent and it makes you feel and smell delicious all day.

There it is, the top 3 products that you should be using this spring. (maybe all year long). What are some of your favorite products for this Spring?

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