Motivation- 3 Tips to stay motivated when you don’t feel like it

I really wanted to talk about this because it’s something that I believe strikes all of us. I have felt it even at times of greatness and when I am striving. For a while I didn’t feel motivated to work and perform at my best. I was doing the minimum and I was constantly having to be reminded of what I needed to do. Both at work and in my social life. Which for the record, that is not who I am. I am always on top of everything and I like to work hard. I like to be organized and not procrastinate. I wanted to share the three things that helped me gain that motivation back. I am really hoping that if you’re on the same boat that I was, that you’re able to just jump off.

I am going to be sharing three things that helped me.

1.Talk about it

This was the first thing I did. I didn’t realize it was going to make a change but it was what made me snap out of it. I was just casually hanging out with my friends and I just felt the need to let them know that I wasn’t feeling motivated. I was snoozing my alarm which I never do. I was having to be reminded of simple tasks that had to me completed during the day. I just let it all out and told them how I felt. Just as I was talking about it, I felt a sense of relief. Some weight being lifted off my shoulders. Part of it was just having that support and those lovely friends listening. Knowing that I had someone to talk about my problems with.

2. Make a list

When I say make a list, I don’t mean to make a list of 100 things you have to complete. What I recommend, that worked and works for me; just add 2-3 extremely important tasks that have to be completed during the day. Focus on completing those task within the day and start adding minor task as you start crossing out the most critical tasks. DON’T add too much to your list because you will feel overwhelmed and that will cause you to lose concentration and lose the focus.

3. Small Changes

Don’t expect to wake up one morning and be extremely motivated again (it can happen, and you would be very lucky if it did), but if it doesn’t then just focus on one small change a day. Maybe say you will not snooze your alarm that morning. That can be the small change of the day or maybe focus on that through out the week until you make it a habit. Maybe focus on only being on social media for an hour a day, read a page of your book. Whatever it may be, just start small. Eventually you will notice the difference and that difference will motivate you even more.


Avoid distractions. Maybe for the majority of the day put your phone away from you. Set your alarm to work one hour and take ten minute breaks in between.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is hard and sometimes you have to remind yourself of who you are and what you are capable of doing. Today I encourage you to decide to make that change and if you can, do it with someone else. Motivate others as you are working on yourself too. We can all grow together.

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