Confidence– The most beautiful you

I wanted to share a little of what I have learned about confidence.

Growing up, confidence was always seen as being stuck up. If anyone would notice a bit of confidence in you, you were immediately categorized as someone who was into her looks, or believed too much in themselves. Because of that, the little confidence within me, was put away.

I was always afraid to take a selfie or post something that might expose my confidence. It’s so easy to feel subconscious about something when people view it as a poor quality.

Because self confidence was viewed that way, I started to doubt myself and believe that I didn’t need confidence. The fear of being perceived as stuck up kept me from developing my self confidence. And I have noticed this in a lot of women, young and old.

I constantly hear things like “look how she dresses” or “she thinks she’s all that”.

When you are not given the opportunity to be yourself and to grow that self confidence, then you can’t figure out who you are and what your passion and purpose in life is.

I know it took me a long time to bring out my true self. I would hide who I really was and would bring out who people wanted me to be. Why? Well because that was what seemed acceptable, what kept me from being categorized as someone I wasn’t.

The truth is, confidence is not just about feeling confident about the way you look. Yes, it’s very important to love yourself, but you have to learn to grow inner confidence in order for it to bloom beauty on the outside. True beauty comes from within and confidence does too.

I love what the dictionary says about confidence. I thought it would say something about your physical self (it does, but it’s not the first definition).

con·fi·dence[ˈkänfədəns]NOUN the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.”

Read that again! Keys words in that definition “rely on someone” and “firm trust”.

When you’re a child, you rely on your parents. You trust that what they’re doing with you is the right thing.

Take a minute to think about something or someone that you fully trust? How does that feeling make you feel? When I think about it, I feel safe, happy, accepted and capable.

Well then we need to be able to have that same trust in ourselves. We need to learn to grow trust and be able to rely on ourselves fully.

Once I realized that I am capable of amazing things, I am someone I can trust and others can too. I started to notice my worth and that I am more than what others might think of me.

I began to be myself and started to realize how much others enjoyed the real me. The me that I constantly would hide because of what people might say.

My creative side was locked up in a box way in the back. Rarely would I go back there and slip a little something out of it. Until I realized that I was hiding a treasure. A treasure given so freely to me by the creator. I was putting away who I was.

To be honest, people will always talk. No matter what you do or don’t do. No matter what you say or don’t say, what you wear or don’t. Anything you do, there’s going to be those who admire you and those who want to see you down.

However, that shouldn’t be the reason why you hide that confidence given to you. Whether it’s just a small sprinkle of it inside of you, dig deep and bring out more of it. Work on your confidence every day.

Seek the things that you are good at. You are capable of anything and if I was able to bring out my little box of confidence out and open it, so can you!

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