At Home Tanning…

I Love that sun kissed look. Of course I love it more when it comes from a fun vacation laying out in the sun. However, that is not always the case and I still want to have that beautiful sun kissed look.

I have tried a variety of different self tanners and some have worked and others, well not so much. I don’t like when I look orange and some tanners out there can really do that.

I really like the Jergens selftanner. They have two that I love. One, you can use it right after you shower while your skin is still yet. The other one is a lotion. They both start to gradually intensify your natural skin tone after a few days. However, even though they do add color, they still seem to not give you the perfect glow.

I finally decided to try the Loving Tan mousse and I am in love. I bought the 2 hour express and the applicator mitt. I went for the dark color because I wanted to see how much color it would add (I will definitely be getting the darker one next time).

It was extremely easy to apply. Here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Right after you shower, add lotion to the following areas only: Your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, neck and hand.
  2. Let that sit for a few minutes before you go in with the self tanner.
  3. Add a generous amount to the mitt and start applying to the lower half of your legs in circular motion.
  4. then slowly drag whatever is left on the mitt to your feet and knees.
  5. I added more mousse to the mitt and did the rest of my legs and butt cheeks.
  6. I proceeded with my stomach
  7. Then I did my chest, neck and shoulders
  8. Finally I did my arms. I started with the top and worked my way down to my hands. I just did the top of my hands and used a wet towel to remove the rest of it from the bottom of my hand
  9. For my back, I did require some help.

I put on some shorts and a shirt and waited for two hours. Then I got into the shower and rinsed off the mousse to reveal the perfect sun kissed look. I padded myself dry and added some lotion to keep my skin moisturized.

It was extremely simple and it has been the self tanner that has given me the most even tan ever. I felt so glorious and beautiful!!

You can shop the Loving Tan mousse from their website by clicking the link below or Click the picture below.

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