A Confident Heart…

Confidence. I know that I talk about this a lot but I do it because it’s such an important topic to me and an issue I encounter a lot. It’s something that I notice immediately in someone and sometimes it’s what gets in the way of enjoying life.

To most people, confidence is supposed to come from the way you look and that will make you feel better.


Confidence is far more than appearance. It starts with your heart. When your heart is confident, the rest just falls into place.

Below I am going to share a few things that have helped me in building up confidence.

1. Not Depending on yourself.

It’s so easy to try and do everything on your own. I have discovered and learned that this is not the case. I have learned to let others help me when I know I need it. But most importantly, I have given control to God to lead me in the right direction.

2. Learn to say no.

Saying no can be one of the hardest things to do. But you have to be comfortable saying no when what is being asked of you is not what you want at the time. I constantly found myself saying yes to almost everything, but I have become extremely stingy with my “yes”. I have grown from it and I have learned what I like or don’t like.

3. Understand your own personality.

This is one is a big one. We are constantly growing and changing. That’s why it’s important to take the time to know yourself. Take sometime for yourself and point out the things that have changed in your life. I know that there are things from a year ago that I no longer enjoy. Sometimes we forget to see and acknowledge who we are at the moment.

4. Who do you want to be like

Okay, this one doesn’t mean to copy someone. Absolutely not! on the contrary, I encourage you to seek your heart and seek to be YOU and ONLY you!!! However, sometimes it’s good to look for inspiration. Not to compare yourself, but to see what that person does that has helped them be who they are today.

Confidence is different for everyone. You need to find the things that make you confident. But it doesn’t hurt you to search for that guidance.


Always be yourself, and your natural beauty will stand out.

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