September Baby

I am now 28! It is incredibly unbelievable but here I am. I am so excited for this upcoming year. I have learned so much and I have so much more to learn.

There is one specific thing that I have paid a lot of attention to. I noticed that I had this habit of leaving everything for a special occasion. For example, If I would buy a shirt I would store it in my closet until there was a special occasion and sometime weeks would go by and that item of clothing would stay in there until something would come up.

By the time anything exciting would actually come by, I wasn’t interested in the item anymore.

I feel like I did this not just with clothes but with life in general. I would constantly tell myself, “well I’ll be happy when I finish this or I’ll be happy when I finally have that”. Until I realized that I was never going to be happy if that was my mentality.

I needed to change my thought process and understand that I didn’t have tomorrow guaranteed and that I had to make the best of my life right now.

That is when life changed incredibly for me. I am now able to live life at the moment and it has been the best experience. I no longer hold on to things until a special occasion comes along. Now as soon as I buy that Item, I go out and use it. Because I am alive right now and I want to be happy right now.

I no longer wait for the future to be happy. I enjoy every day and every minute of life. Every day is a special occasion and I live every day like if it was my last.

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