Top 3 Mascaras that you need

I love makeup. I can’t say that I am extremely great at it, but I try and I enjoy it which is what matters the most.

My favorite part about doing my makeup is the mascara. Your lashes give the finishing touch and it’s just the best feeling when your lashes come out flawless.

I have tried numerous mascaras but I have found the 3 that work the magic. I have three mascaras to share from the cheapest (which is what I am all about) to a more expensive one(which is my splurge when I am feeling adventurous).

Lets start with the least expensive one.

This one is from Essence. I buy mine from Amazon and believe it but it’s only $4.

The next mascara is from L’Oreal and it is only $10. They both work great.

The most expensive one is from It cosmetics and this one is one of my favorites when it comes to the pricy ones. It’s $25 but works wonders.

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