Iced Coffee Recipe

I have the easiest recipe for that perfect iced coffee.

Get ready for the best iced coffee


  • Instant coffee
  • Sugar
  • Oat milk (or whatever milk you prefer)
  • Ice
  • cinnamon
  • whip cream
  • hot water
  • creamer


  • Start boiling some hot water while you get everything else
  • Pour some ice, milk and creamer in a cup
  • pour two full spoons of instant coffee in a cup/bowl with equal amount of sugar (you can add more sugar if you like your coffee sweet)
  • When the water is ready, pour enough to cover the coffee and sugar up
  • Use a Frother to mix it all together (it will start to create a foam/paste consistency. DON’T let it get like that, we want it to just be mixed)
  • pour the coffee mix into the milk
  • add some whipped cream and cinnamon (caramel if you want it t look fancier)
  • All done, enjoy it!

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