Billie Razor- What I actually think of it/ Honest Review

I have been using the Billie Razor for a month now. I am going to be completely honest in this review. I have always struggled finding the right razor. First of all because I didn’t want to spend the money. I finally gave in and ordered the Billie Razor.

I am very happy with it. It is extremely sharp but it wont cut you if you are careful. It has a layer around the razor that once you wet it, it becomes soft and it helps the razor to easily glide on your skin.

It leaves my skin feeling so soft and it is honestly the best razor I have tried. (This is NOT sponsored, it is my honest review).

It’s easy to order plus you decide how often you want to receive the razor. It is only $9. Don’t think that you will have to pay $9 a month. This is where you decide how often you would like to receive the razor blades.

Bonus- they have other amazing products.

I would definitely recommend this razor

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