How to care for your plants- Beginners Guide

I have been a plant mom for about 3 years now. I am not an expert, I just wanted to share my tips on how I got started and how I have been able to care for my babies.

I currently have a satin pathos, golden pathos, baby rubber plant, Chinese evergreen and an aloe.

Every plant should be cared for differently. They all have their own needs but I will give you the tips that have worked for all my plants.

1. watering– This one is a big one because if you over water your plants, you can kill them. What I like to do is water them once a week during hotter months and once every other week during the colder months. Some plants hold the water in their soil for longer, so what I do is check the soil with my finger and if the first couple centimeters are dry, it’s time to water. I put my plants in the sink and let the water run for about a minute and just let it sit there to drain the water out for a couple minutes.

2. lighting– If you don’t know the name of your plant to look up how much lighting it needs, then play around with it a bit. Set it by a window and if you notice that the plant seems sad then move further away from the light. Some plants need a lot of light and some don’t need any.

3. start off with one plant- Don’t go out and buy 5 plants all at once. Care for one for a few months and see if it’s something you would like to keep up with.

I also recommend getting the app called: Picture this

I didn’t have this app. Therefore, I had to figure out how to care for my plants on my own. This app will help you with literary everything you need to know about your plants.

Satin Pathos
Golden Pathos
Golden Pathos
Baby Rubber Plant
Chinese evergreen

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