5 Tips to Decorate a small room

I love shopping on a budget. I will share my bedroom decorations and how you can achieve the same without spending too much money.

1. Neutral colors- I find that buying neutral colors gives you more options to change up your décor without having to buy everything new again. That is why I keep my bed and walls as neutral as possible. I have a white duvet cover, white pillows and my walls are gray. This way all other décor can have some color if I wanted to.

2. Keep it simple– I like to keep my wall décor simple with only Items that I like. I love dream catchers and maps. So I have a dream catcher with a map on one side and I added some gold to add some contrast.

3. You can add color- To add some color, I have plants and they make my room look put together. For the difference seasons I like to change it up and add some color. For summer I will probably find a way to add some yellow maybe with a throw blanket. For example for Christmas, I like to add a small Christmas tree next to my bed, some red throw pillow covers and throw blanket.

4. Declutter- I try to avoid keeping too much on top of shelves or desk to avoid it looking cluttered since it’s a smaller room. If you have less on shelves, it will give it the illusion of more space.

5. Creative- Lastly, be creative. Use items that you already have around your house. Maybe a vase and add some flowers to add that summer feel.

Hope you use these tips and share your pictures with me.

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