Father’s day gift ideas 2020- Amazon edition

#1 Beard Apron/ Hair clipping catcher with bag This one is seriously the best invention and why not give this to your dad. Just FYI, I think your mom will really appreciate you giving this amazing gift to your dad.

#2 Portable car Vacuum Cleaner You know those dads that like to keep a very clean car? Well then this is the gift for them.

#3 Adidas- These will be your dads favorite. They are comfortable and will be your dads go to sandals

#4 dual compartment insulated lunch cooler bag This is the perfect gift for the dad on the go. This will keep his lunch cool and good all day long. Plus it’s perfect for those dads who like to be outdoor and need to pack a small lunch.

#5 Survival KitThis survival Kit includes everything a man will need to survive in the wilderness. It’s a great gift for the dad who likes to go hunting. It features a fire starter, whistle, scrapper, water bottle clip, emergency blanket and so much more.

#6 socks I mean who doesn’t like and need socks. These socks have the best designs and will be perfect for the dad who likes to keep his life colorful.

#7 Mens manicure set Usually men don’t like to go to a nail salon to get a manicure or pedicure. This right here has everything a dad will need to do it at home.

#8 Bluetooth earbuds True wireless earbuds for the dad who likes his music but wants to be able to have his phone somewhere else. perfect for the busy dad.

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