How to organize your bag- Easy tips

Hello friends!I just wanted to share some of my tips for keeping an organized bag. I like to fit a lot in my bag and sometimes it’s hard to find items. My everyday bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene with Rose Ballerine interior. This handbag is definitely an investment. I have had it for a few years.

TIP ONE- Buy an organizer

I bought my organizer from amazon and it fits right in. If your bag already has compartments then you don’t need to buy an organizer, but since mine is basically one big hole, I decided to buy this organizer to keep everything in place.

TIP TWO- Put everything into smaller bags

I have two separate makeup bags where I divide everything. In one of them I have band-aids, lipstick, hair ties, mirror, powder, gum, make up removal wipes, perfume, pain pills and sunscreen. Then I have the second bag where I have cleaning wipes, Kleenex, tampons, a straw and lotion.

TIP THREE- Carry only what you need

I used to carry everything that I thought I would need but then my bag started getting too heavy and I minimized it to only the items I actually did need and always used.

I hope that these tips help you stay more organized.

I added photos of everything that I carry and how I organize it so that you can get a visual idea.

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