How to stay organized and on track

1. Wake up 30 min earlier- Something that I have noticed and has kept me on track has always been to wake up 30 min earlier. If you have to wake up at 7 to be ready for work or school, then a good idea would be to wake up at 6:30. You will have those extra 30 min to have some alone time and put your thoughts into writing. What I also do is enjoy a cup of coffee in bed, if possible and get ready for the day that way.

2. Notebooks- You will need some notebooks or just one. I like to keep a few notebooks that I use for different areas of my life and keeps me organized. I have my dump notebook, which is what I use to just write everything bothering or taking up space in my mind that day. I have another one for my bible study and then I have my work and social media one where I brainstorm ideas.

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3. Planner- Invest in a planner that will keep you organized and on track. Make sure it’s one that fits your lifestyle. (I highly recommend the Golden Coil one, it is definitely an investment but one that you will not regret)

4. Set Goals- Write down your goals and make sure that you check back to see if you have made progress. You will have to set steps to meeting those goals but most importantly set realistic steps AND results. Do not say you will lose 50 pounds in two weeks because we ALL know that’s not going to happen.

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5. Prioritize- Make sure to put the most important tasks at the top of your list. Some people have this idea to get the small and easiest tasks out of the way but it should be to do the most important ones first.

6. write it down- Do not live by “I will remember” because I promise you, you will not. Always write down what you need to do and sometimes what you shouldnt do.

I hope that these tips will help you stay more organized.

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