How to establish a Positive morning Routine

I don’t know about you but it can be very difficult for me to keep a routine going. I haven’t always struggled with this but just recently. I wanted to share a few things that have helped and continue to help me.

It always feels so good to start the day off right. It sets the mood for the rest of the day.

So let’s get right into it.

Make your bed

Yes!! Every single morning. When you wake up and the first thing you take care of is your bed, you will notice that you are able to move around a bit more comfortable. You have initially accomplished the first thing that day. If you feel like you don’t have time t make your bed, let’s go to the next point….

Wake up 30 min earlier

If you feel like the mornings just go by so fast and sometimes you don’t have time to make or bed or even have breakfast, well the issue is your wake up time. Try waking up 30 minutes earlier and see how much of a difference it makes.

Drink a glass of water and all vitamins

Always, always try to drink some water before you do anything else. This is the time when I drink any vitamins as well. I always do this is the morning because i know myself and I know that I will forget later on in the day.

Eat Breakfast

I hear a lot of people say that they don’t have time to eat breakfast, well that is why we are waking up 30 min earlier from now on. Breakfast is going to provide that energy you need for the day. If you definitely do not like to eat breakfast, the maybe make yourself a smoothie. Something that will get your metabolism going.

These simple changes will make a huge change in your morning and how you start your day. If you feel like doing all of these at once is too much, then maybe start by just doing one for a whole week and slowly start incorporating others.

Just remember that if you don’t do one or you miss one day, or for some reason your morning routine changes; it’s okay. You will survive and you can start over the next day. Slowly make these a lifestyle rather than a task.

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