10 Beauty Products YOU need all year long

1 // Sunscreen // You will definitely need sunscreen ALL year long. I hear a lot of people say, well it’s winter and the sun is not that strong. BUT let me remind you that it’s still there. It still comes out every morning and its better to just apply the sunscreen. One of my new favorite sunscreens is this one from Elta MD Skin Care spf 46. I love the feel and how smoothly it goes on my skin. I have the tinted one, but trust me when I say that It does not have any coverage. It’s just very sheer and gives a nice glow to your skin.

2 // Nars Blush // This is the blush that everyone needs. It is in the color Orgasm. I feel like it is a little bit more on the higher end on price but it will last you such a long time and it is such a beautiful shade. It will make your cheeks glow. I honestly feel like it’s a very neutral color that will go with almost any skin tone.

3 // Soap and Glory lotion // This cream right here is the cream that I will use for the rest of my life ( a little dramatic there), but it leaves my skin so smooth AND I smell like heaven. It has a very flowery, clean scent but it’s not overpowering.

4 // Hail Oil // Bio silk hair oil has always been my favorite. It gives my hair a very subtle shine while moisturizing it.

5 // Cherry Almond Aveda Shampoo // Yes, I understand that Aveda shampoo is not at all cheap but it is definitely one of the best shampoos. It makes your hair super soft and it is very natural.

6 // Hair masque // Raw Sugar, Healing power masque. This masque has saved my hair. I only wash my hair twice a week and instead of using conditioner, I use a mask. This one right here has been my go to hair masque. I feel like my styles stay on longer since I have been using this one.

7 // Heat protectant // Not your mothers has some of the best products. I love all their shampoos and styling products but the one product that I cant go without is their heat protectant. I try and use this heat protectant daily even on days when I am not using heat on my hair.

8 // Lip masks and scrubs // These two items are definitely two that you will need to keep your lips moisturized. I am love with this scrub because it doesn’t hurt my lips. It is very gentle and well this lip mask is just the moisture everyone need.

9 // Dior perfume // this right here is the best perfume you will ever have. It is the one and only one I use. I have been using it for years now.

10 // Body scrub // this company has the best scrubs ever. You can find them at target for a very low price and they are soft and gentle on the skin while doing the job.

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