5 simple ways to decorate a small room this fall

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. Everything just feels more cozy and I love the idea of being snuggled inside reading a good book while sipping on a cup of coffee. That is the ideal fall. I love to make my room as cozy as possible by making minor changes and adding a little bit of fall décor.

I like to add a throw blanket. One that is cozy and a darker color. I feel like a gray blanket gives it so much coziness.

By my window I already have some plants but to give it the fall feel, I always add a pumpkin. I found a very pretty and girly one from Marshalls. I think it add some fall vibes to it without taking away from the plants.

On my night stand, I added some very pretty fall flower décor and added a tint of orange with the fall picture of what looks like a fashion blogger. Such a cute touch.

On my bed head rest, I added just a simple décor I found at Hobby lobby. Nothing too crazy.

On the other side of my room, I added a small pumpkin and of course a fall candle. THE BEST PART. Make my room smell delicious.

Like I said, I didn’t do anything major. I don’t like the color orange as much, so i kept that at a minimal. You can make your room feel and look like fall with other colors that fall more into your style.

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