The end can be the beginning…

The end of the year is always so hectic. There is so much to do. You know that by the time November gets here, the year is basically over. I usually start realizing that I didn’t finish half the things I wrote down at the beginning of the year. At this point I start to think that I shouldn’t even try anymore. I should just wait till the beginning of next year to start over. 

I’ll tell you this, this is NOT a good idea. It’s not ideal to just give in and decide to start doing what you said you would till next year. Why? Well because next year, when it’s the end of the year, you will be on the same boat. You’ll have the same excuses and you will delay beginning or finishing something till the beginning of next year. 

The thing is, we all fail. That doesn’t mean that we can stop where we are  and wait till the beginning of next year to start over. The beginning of something, should not be defined by a calendar, it should be defined the day you decide to make a change. 

You can stay right where you are or you can make a change. The option is yours. You can stay complaining about your weight your whole life, or you can do something about (I know I do complain, but I love those tacos). You can complain about your relationship all you want, but if that’s all you do then nothing will ever change. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, it’s okay. Move forward. Isn’t it better to be happy alone, than to try and be happy with someone who doesn’t want you. 

We all fail, I know I do. And I did in many ways this years. I said I was going to read 24 books, I read 12. I fell short, by a lot. Does that mean I should give up reading? Absolutely NOT. 

I said I wasn’t going to allow anyone to hurt me or to use me. Did I Allow it? Yes. Does that mean I will never know my value? No. I just believed in people and they let me down. I can’t go on and not trust people because certain people couldn’t appreciate me. 

The truth is, we set goals and dreams and we don’t consistently act on them. That’s why we fail. But failing only means you can try again, and this time you know what didn’t work last time and you can try it a different way. And if you fail again, then you try again. But you don’t have to wait till the beginning of next week, next month or next year. The beginning of something new starts right here, right now, at this moment. The moment when you say you want to do or change something. That’s the moment you should get up and say, this time around I will do everything I can to make a change. 

I know, it’s so easy to say it rather than do it. But every time you get discouraged, START again. There are no rules to how many times you can fail and how many times you can start over. 

As we are ending the year, let go of what is holding you back or who is holding you back. Write down the things you want to begin right now, so that when January 1st comes around, you are already ahead of where you want to be. Start right now, at the end of the year. Prove to yourself that you can do it, no matter the circumstances. I know that I am happy with what happened this year, but I know that in order to make a change for next year, there are some things that need to begin now! 

Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes but we should learn from them too. You can still make this 2018 amazing. Whatever happened to you this year, take is as a learning experience as you finish this year the strongest possible. 

Love Always, 


One response to “The end can be the beginning…”

  1. Great Post Daisy – Powerfully Positive!
    I totally agree that failing is fine as it’s how we learn but failing and giving up is where we let ourselves down.
    All the very best for a wonderful 2019 for You!


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